2024 Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V arrives in Australia with a new face

Late last year just before the holidays, Toyota revealed the Hilux Hybrid 48V for the European market. This marks the first time the midsize pickup is offered with a mild-hybrid system. It makes use of a belt-starter generator that provides an additional 16 PS and 65 Nm of torque, along with a 48V battery placed beneath the rear seats.

Fast forward to February 2024, and the electrified Hilux has now made its way to Australia. But unlike the European version which still looks the same as the ones sold here in the Philippines, the pickup truck has received yet another facelift in The Land Down Under.

This is the 2024 Toyota Hilux refresh, and this is perhaps our best look at what the pickup truck will look like should the 48V Hybrid version make its way to the Philippines. Starting with the most obvious first, the redesigned front fascia gets a new honeycomb-like grille along with a more sculpted bumper. There's also a new skid plate up front to protect its under-chassis from debris. Other than that, the rest of the body largely carries over from the pre-facelift version.

Toyota Hilux gets (yet) another facelift for 2024 image

Toyota also mentioned that each variant has a unique grille design. In Australia, the WorkMate gets the simple black honeycomb grille. The SR variant, meanwhile, gets a silver-colored lower bumper look. Last but not least is the SR5 which has a black upper grille, gloss black accents, and dark-tinted LEDs.

As mentioned earlier, the Hilux is now available with the 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine that's assisted by a 48V mild-hybrid system. It also gets a Multi-Terrain Select system which is exclusive only to the electrified pickup and comes with six driving modes; Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow, Rock, and Normal. The system calibrates to regulate power and wheel spin, depending on the mode chosen.

With Australia getting the third facelifted version of the 8th generation Toyota Hilux, other markets in Southeast Asia could be next including the Philippines. Perhaps the only question that remains is will the 48V mild-hybrid version make its way here?